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Terms & Conditions

Interest in Advance TDs

Terms and conditions applicable on the Time  Deposit

(1)  The Deposit shall bear interest as follows:

 The agreed application rate is …. % per annual.

(only in the case that the principal is available in the customer's account)

 The agreed applicable rate shall be the one of the published rate for the same tenor & amount, on the date that the principal is available at the customer's account

(2)  The Deposit shall be fixed for a period of month(s):       .......

Value Date: next working day upon availability of funds

Maturity Date: ...

(3)  Instructions to follow upon maturity (subject to Bank’s terms of acceptance at the time) as follows:

Principal Liq. Account: …

Interest Liq. Account: …

(4)  Renewal Instructions:

  • Automatically renewed
  • Capital only
  • Capital + interest
  • Don't renew on Maturity 

(5)        The customer is allowed to withdraw the total of the funds prematurely, subject to the following:

  • EGP Currency, The interest stated in paragraph (1) shall not be fully paid so that a penalty interest owed to NBG of 2% shall be deducted from the interest rate prevailing on the tenor prior to the day of premature withdrawal of Time Deposit as per the table published daily by NBG Dealing Room, and corresponding to the principal amount prematurely withdrawn by the Customer.
  • Foreign Currencies, The interest stated in paragraph (1) shall not be fully paid so that a penalty interest owed to NBG shall be deducted from the same interest defined in paragraph (1) as per the table published daily by NBG Dealing Room.

(6)      The client authorize the bank to automatically renew the deposit with no need to notify or any other procedure in this regard and in the conditions agreed upon with the applied interest rate at the time of renewal in case of secured facilities, the client also authorize the bank to renew in case of presence of automated renewal instructions in the applied rate at the time of renewal and in case the client desires to change his mind of automated renewal, he is obliged to deliver his written request to the bank  in two working days before the deposit due date or the deposit will be automatically renewed according to the permanent instruction at the deposit request . 

(7)      In case of foreign currency Deposit(s) and in order to induce the Bank to establish the Deposit Account in foreign currency and at the Bank’s option to maintain on its books, it is hereby agreed that:

a.       This Deposit Account will be credited by the initial deposit in the currency of the Deposit Account and debited at maturity by the Client’s withdrawal of the funds, according to the conditions of this agreement.

b.       The Bank shall have no responsibility for, or liability to the Client for: any diminution due to taxes or imposts or depreciation in the value of funds credited to the Deposit Account (which funds, in the Bank’s sole discretion, may be deposited by the Bank in its own name subject to its control  with such depository(i.e.) as the Bank may select) or for the unavailability of such duns whether due to restrictions on convertibility, requisitions, involuntary transfers, exercise of military or usurped powers, or other causes beyond the Bank’s control in which circumstance no other branch, subsidiary or affiliate of National Bank of Greece S.A shall be responsible therefore.

c.        The Bank may at any time at its discretion, discharge its entire liability with respect to the Deposit Account by mailing to the Client at the address set forth below a draft(s) in the currency of the Deposit without resource to the Bank as drawer, payable to the order of the Client in the amount of the credit balance of the Deposit Account, together with such other documents, if any as may be necessary in the Bank’s sole discretion, to effect such transfer.

(8)      Minimum amount for this Deposit is LE 50,000. This amount is subject to change at the discretion of the bank.

(9)      The client is eligible to apply for a credit facility against the deposit reaching up to 80% of the deposited amount. The loan tenor will not exceed the maturity period of the deposit.

(10)    Individuals, Companies and other Legal Entities are eligible for this Deposit.

(11)    Interest rate is calculated on a daily basis and paid at the end of the tenor;

(12)    Interest is calculated from the next working day following the date of the availability of the principal in the customer's account.

(13)    This agreement is governed by the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the above indicated Branch of National Bank of Greece- S.A shall be the sole place of payment.