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Terms & Conditions

Fixed Certificates of Deposit

Terms and conditions applicable on the Three-Years Fixed Interest Certificate of Deposit:

1)   The Certificate of Deposit shall be fixed for a period of 3 Years; it is eligible for individuals only.

2)   The customer is not permitted to liquidate the Certificate of Deposit prior to expiry of six (6) months from its issuing date thereof.

3)   Without prejudice to the above clause, in case the customer requests liquidation of the certificate prior to the stated maturity date, the following penalty percentage shall apply: 

Tenor Interest Penalty
6 – 12 months 4.00%
13 – 24 months 3.00%
25 – 36 months 2.00%

4)   Partial withdrawal from the Certificate of Deposit is not allowed. 

5)   Minimum deposit for this certificate shall be LE 5,000 and multiples of LE 1,000.

6)   Interest is calculated from the next working day following the date of the availability of the principal amount in the customer’s account.

7)   Interest rate of the certificate is fixed throughout the period and shall be credited to the customer’s account on a monthly, quarterly or semiannually or annual basis, as determined by the customer.

8)   The certificate is nominal, non-negotiable and non-amendable.

9)   The client is entitled to apply for a credit facility against the certificate up to 95% of the deposited amount, and in this case the client authorize the bank to renew the deposit automatically without any notice or any other procedure with the conditions agreed upon and the applicable interest at the time of renewal without any notice or customer approval and according to bank’s terms and conditions.

10)   This agreement is governed by the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the above indicated Branch of National Bank of Greece S.A shall be the sole place of payment.

11)   In case a contradiction arises between the Arabic version and the English translation thereof, the Arabic version shall prevail

I hereby declare that I have reviewed and understood the contents of this Agreement and agree to the Bank’s terms and conditions regarding the management of this Three-Year Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit