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Trade Finance

Trade Finance

 Why NBG Egypt?

It is important to establish a relationship with a bank that understands your trade cycle and the way you want to do business. With a well-qualifies dedicated teams, international presence and expertise are ready to assist importers and exporters.

To minimize the financial risks to your business, We offer you a complete range of trade services, with high service standards which are considered the best.


Import Services

NBG Egypt provides a full range of import services handled by experienced staff ensuring that your import documents are processed effectively on time and without encountering any delays.

NBG Egypt offers various forms of LCs besides Import Documentary Collections, so by informing your supplier to send their shipping documents to NBG Egypt, you will enjoy prompt advice upon our receipt of documents and efficient payment according to your instructions.


Export Services

NBG Egypt advice, confirm and negotiate the Export Letters of Credit to secure your payments. It is even more essential to develop a relationship with a bank that understands the requirements and intricacies of your trade cycle and the way you want to do business.

We can provide you with advice on any aspect of your export documents preparation.
If you are in the export business, we can help you with Export L/C advising, L/C Confirmation, L/C examination/Negotiation and Export Bills for Collections.
Concerning letters of credit documents examination and negotiation, NBG Egypt thorough checking standards will reassure you that your documents will not be rejected.
Strict service standards are applied to ensure that your documents are negotiated and dispatched quickly.
Export bills for collection; we send documents to an importer's bank on behalf of an exporter and trace it to ensure that the payments is received from the importer's bank and promptly credited to the account of the exporter.


Guarantees / Bonds

NBG Egypt offers all types of L/Gs, Local and International, such as:

- Bid bonds
- Performance bonds
- Advance payment guarantees


Fees and Charges

Apart from our competitive standard tariff, we always offer special commission rates to high volume and long duration transactions.

For more information, visit your nearest NBG Branch or Call us on

National Bank of Greece S.A. reserves the right to change any information or requirements mentioned above without prior notice.