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Certificates of Deposit

Floating Rate Certificates of Deposit

A Certificates of Deposit with high and variable interest rate

The Floating Rate Certificates of Deposit from NBG, offers preferential interest rates and is directly linked to any movement of the Central Bank of Egypt’s overnight deposit rate (Corridor). It allows investors to benefit from any change in the rates.


  • Rate is directly linked to the Central Bank of Egypt’s overnight deposit rate (Corridor)
  • Lending up to 90% of the certificate’s value
  • Interest can be paid either monthly or quarterly


  • 3 years tenor
  • Certificate is offered in Egyptian pounds


  • Offered to Individuals

Required Documents

  • Photocopy of Valid ID
  • Floating Rate Certificate of Deposit Application Form

Opening Deposit

  • Minimum deposit EGP 10,000 and its multiples



* Terms & Conditions apply.

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National Bank of Greece S.A. reserves the right to change any information or requirements mentioned above without prior notice.