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Savings Account "MaxiPlus"

A flexible way to maximize your interest and savings

NBG’s “MaxiPlus” is a unique Savings Account that calculates interest daily on the closing balance of your account, and not on the lowest monthly balance of the account as most banks do.

“MaxiPlus” Savings Account checks your balance at the end of the day and calculates the interest owed to you and then is paid according to your preference; monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. It is ideal in cases where you use your account regularly, maximizing your returns on whatever balance you have.

Features & Benefits

  • Very preferential interest rates and competitive low opening deposit required to open the account;
  • Interest calculated on the daily closing balance;
  • Interest paid even if the account balance goes to Zero during the month;
  • The higher your balance, the greater your return;
  • Interest can be paid either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually;
  • Interest is only earned on balances exceeding the minimum opening deposit balance;
  • Available in Egyptian Pounds and US dollar, Euro and other major currencies;
  • SMS alerts on your account transaction;
  • Monthly Maintenance charges apply.


  • Offered to Individuals

Required Documents

  • Photocopy of Valid ID
  • Utility Bill with current address

Opening Deposit

  • Minimum to open the account is EGP 1,000 or USD 1,000 or Euro 1,000 or GBP 1,000



* Terms & Conditions apply.

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National Bank of Greece S.A. reserves the right to change any information or requirements mentioned above without prior notice.